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What is an Empty Leg flight

An 'empty leg' is nothing more than an aviation term for an unoccupied private jet flight heading to a specific destination or returning. At Elite Jets Amsterdam, we showcase an extensive database with hundreds of these available private flights globally. This unique opportunity allows you to experience the luxury of a private flight at surprisingly affordable prices.

As most expenses associated with these empty private flights have already been factored into calculations for other clients, we can offer these private jets at very attractive prices, sometimes up to 70% less than the standard charter rate. Private flying has never been so cost-effective, all while enjoying the unparalleled luxury and service you expect when renting a private jet.

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Citation CJ1


Amsterdam (AMS)Paris (LBG)

    21 February
    5 passengers

Citation CJ3


Amsterdam (AMS)St Gallen (ACH)

    23 February
    6 passengers

Citation CJ2


Amsterdam (AMS)Palma, De Mallorca (PMI)

    24 February
    6 passengers

Falcon 7X


    8 March
    14 passengers

The flight is often scheduled for a specific date and time.

Empty legs are always one-way flights

Empty legs can only be booked a few weeks before the departure date

Elite jets amsterdam

At Elite Jets Amsterdam, we understand the value of empty legs and strive to provide these benefits to our clients. Step aboard one of our empty legs flights and experience the perfect blend of affordability and exclusivity.

Enjoy an unforgettable travel experience while saving on costs. Explore new destinations, discover unparalleled luxury, and create memories that last a lifetime with Elite Jets Amsterdam and our empty legs services.